Hi I am Chantal Lawrie born and raised in Argentina and currently living in USA.

I must confess I wrote this section over 10 times. 

I am not that good with words, I guess that’s part of why I shoot pictures.

Why do I shoot?

Because therapy is too expensive  (just kidding, or maybe not)

I like telling stories and creating memories for people.

I feel I always learn something just by surrounding myself with different people and places.

You will find in this website a variety of shoots, places and stories. I started shooting this projects because I felt the need to stay grounded. It’s very easy  to compare yourself in this town. I am a true believer that it doesn't matter where you come from, or what you believe in. Just being kind to others and true to yourself will take you a long way.

My 2 passions in life are photography and music. My work had taken me to places like Ireland, Spain, Morocco, CostaRica, Peru, Portugal, Canada, Brazil, France. Camera in my hands, headphones in my ears, and a pile of books. People and places have taught me so much! and most importantly reminds me everyday that I am truly lucky and fortunate of doing what I love for a living and for having the most amazing people as family and friends in my life.